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AShaafean biosphere reserve

Located in the north-eastern limits of the Nefusa Mountain, AShaafean biosphere reserve is recognized for preserving relic populations of olive. The site is home to around three hundred sixty (360) plant species and forty eight (48) animal species typical of Mediterranean biogeographic region. The biosphere holds a variety of habitats including dry woodlands and steppic grassland of North Africa, forming an ecotone between the Mediterranean climate region to the north and the hyper-arid Sahara desert eco-region to the south. AShaafean is distinguished for hosting rare, threatened and endangered plants and animal species some of which are part of the IUCN Red List, including other species such as Linaria tarhunensis Pamp, which grows only in Libya and Ephedra allissima Desf, which grows only in the Western Sahara. Declared a nature reserve in 1998 (no. 394/1998), the biosphere reserve's core area, offers spaces for spring and summer outdoor recreation as well as cultural services. The biosphere preserves sustainable traditional practices and uses including wood collection, grazing, beekeeping, farming and collection of medicinal and aromatic plants. AShaafean area features scattered villages, fragmented farms and small communities in its buffer zone and hosts inhabitants relying partly on wild edible fruits and seeds. The site represents a magnet for new opportunities for sustainable international and domestic tourism.  

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